A safe place to call home is possibly the most critical thing which young people who are in crisis might need. We are here to help young people to develop resilience; this is much harder to do without the sense of security and support that a place to call home offers. If we can stop a young person from becoming homeless we will do everything that we can to do that. But when that hasn’t worked we are committed to improving the range, quality and amount of accommodation that we can offer to young people.

One of our most profound challenges is to support young people in very chaotic situations. There is an expectation that we can help them develop a sense of stability and independence in less than a year or eighteen months even when the situations which have brought about that sense of chaos may have persisted for years or even a lifetime.

Our accommodation services promote choice and allow us to spend a longer period of time so we can support young people to successful independent living.

You can contact our Accommodation team on 01752 698402