Do you live in Devon, and are 11 (and in year 7) to 25 years old?
Are you feeling worried or low?
Would you like to learn more about how to look after your mental health?
Maybe you’d just like to have someone to talk to…

Our Wellbeing team provide safe spaces for young people to talk, where they can feel heard and supported without judgement.

Young Devon has been providing mental health support to young people for over 20 years, with a number of Wellbeing support services based all over Devon. We provide counselling, one-off Wellbeing Sessions, CBT, Victim of Crime help, Wellbeing Café’s and group sessions to young people, who are looking for support with their mental health and wellbeing.

Our team also offers support to parents, carers and professionals, to help them learn how to support a young person with their wellbeing.

Are you a young person who could use our support?

Are you a parent/carer or a professional who would like advice on how to best support a young person?

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Our Wellbeing services for Young People:

Wellbeing Conversations

Your first point of contact with our Wellbeing service. After filling in our online enquiry form, you will be invited to arrange a telephone conversation with our team. This conversation will be approximately 30 minutes long, and is an opportunity to talk about how you are feeling and discuss the options for support available; a member of our team will talk through helpful tips and tricks for managing your wellbeing, and decide together with you what support feels like the best fit for you.

Wellbeing Sessions

A single Wellbeing Session, to talk to a member of our therapeutic team about the things that matter to you, any worries or challenges that you may be experiencing. You’ll be given time to be listened to, and explore what you might like to do next. You could then book another Wellbeing Session for a later date, if you would like to talk again.


Access six counselling sessions, to talk about the things that matter to you with someone who can help you understand more about how you are feeling. Counselling can be a chance to explore the things that you are struggling with, and help you find a way forward that feels right for you.


Our Wellbeing Practitioners can help you to learn more about how your thoughts and feelings impact on your day-to-day life, and support you to find new ways of managing your wellbeing.

Wellbeing Café’s and Group Sessions

Young Devon offer Wellbeing Café’s and group sessions across Devon. We hold face-to-face Café’s in Newton Abbot and Exeter, and we also have an online option for those who are unable to attend our venues. We also run Wellbeing Café’s in some schools.

All of our Cafés are slightly different, but all have a relaxed youth work approach to supporting you. Some are creative, and some focus on particular wellbeing topics. All of our groups offer a space for young people to share their experiences, learn from and support each other and access support from our team.

Victim of Crime

If you have been a victim of crime, our youth workers can support you. Talk to a youth worker about what happened, and how it has impacted you; our youth workers can help to identify what support you might need.

You don’t have to have reported a crime to access this service.

Click here to find out more about our Victim of Crime service.

Our Wellbeing services for Parents/Carers and Professionals:

Parents/Carers and Professionals Support

Parents, carers and professionals can now request a Wellbeing Conversation with our team. They can talk with a qualified Practitioner about their experience of supporting a young person with their wellbeing, and find out more about services and organisations that may be able to help. We also run workshops to help parents and carers learn how to support their young person with their wellbeing.