Do you live in Exmouth, Woodbury or Budleigh, and are aged between 11*-19 years old?
(*and in Year 7)

Are you looking for support with your mental health and wellbeing?

Are you a parent, carer or professional who would like advice on how to best support a young person?

Young Devon provides a number of Wellbeing support services based all over Devon. We provide counselling, single Wellbeing Sessions, CBT, group sessions and workshops.

We are thrilled to now offer Wellbeing support to the people of Exmouth, Woodbury and Budleigh! Young people can now access our support in Exmouth Community College, and in the local community.

Our Wellbeing team provide safe spaces for young people to talk, where they can feel heard and supported without judgement. Our team also offers support to parents and carers, to help with finding ways of supporting young people with their wellbeing.

Are you a young person who would like this support? Check out our Wellbeing services below and fill in our online enquiry form to contact us for help.

Click here to fill in our online enquiry form, to contact us for help*

*Please be sure to include your email address when making an enquiry.

Wellbeing Services for Young People:

Wellbeing Conversations

This is your first point of contact with our Wellbeing service. After filling in our online enquiry form, you will be invited to arrange a telephone conversation with one of our team. This conversation will be approximately 30 minutes long, and is an opportunity to talk about how you are feeling and discuss the options for support available. A member of our team will talk through helpful tips and tricks for managing your wellbeing and decide together with you what support feels like the best fit for you.

Wellbeing Sessions

A single Wellbeing Session, to talk to a member of our therapeutic team about the things that matter to you, and any worries or challenges that you may be experiencing. You’ll be given time to be listened to and explore what you might like to do next. If, in the future, you’d like to talk again, you can get back in touch, to book another Wellbeing Session.


Six Counselling Sessions, to talk about the things that matter to you with someone who will listen and can help you to understand more about how you are feeling. Counselling can be a chance to explore the things that you are struggling with and help you to find a way forward that feels right for you.


Our Wellbeing Practitioners offer CBT to help you to learn more about how your thoughts and feelings impact on your day-to-day life. They can support you to find new ways of managing your wellbeing.

Group Sessions and Workshops for Young People – Coming Soon!

We plan to run group sessions and workshops in Exmouth Community College that can help you to learn more about your wellbeing. We will talk about managing anxiety and low mood, building confidence and how to deal with difficult times. Bring a friend or meet new friends; our groups are always friendly, relaxed and welcoming!

Wellbeing Services for Parents and Carers:

Parent/Carer Support

Parents and carers can now request a Wellbeing Conversation with our team. Parents and carers can talk with a qualified Practitioner about their experience of supporting young people with their wellbeing and find out more about services and organisations that may be able to help. We also run workshops to help parents and carers learn how to support young people with their wellbeing.