The Y.I.P Tree

Made with love, by a Host family

"Our tree is a visual reminder of all our young people, and their offspring..."

The Y.I.P (Young Important People) Tree; made with love, by a Young Devon Host family.

Often, our Hosts find that the experience of providing a safe home for a young person is just TOO joyful!

Many times, they do not want to stop at only one placement!

This Y.I.P Tree was made by a Host family to commemorate every young person they had housed over years. Having opened their doors to over 50 young people in need; this tree is a wonderful visual reminder of past placements, dear memories and rewarding moments.

"With this tree, they are forever in our home and in our hearts..."

Look closely and you can see that the family have written each young person's initials, alongside the dates that they left, on a hanging decoration...

Could you consider becoming a Host? By opening your doors to a young person, you could change their life.

Don't have the room?