When Sophie first began her journey with Young Devon, she had no confidence, barely left her house and was self-harming. She even struggled communicating one-to-one.

After a member of the Young Devon team spoke to Sophie about our free Skills courses, Sophie agreed that she would come and see what our 12 week ‘Independent Life Skills’ course was like; she was desperate to work on her confidence and be around other young people.

During the course, the Young Devon Skills team worked on short term and long term goals for Sophie. Short term; just to say hello and talk to everyone in the group. Sophie set her own long term goal… to finish the course.

After a few team building games and icebreakers, Sophie realised she could communicate and achieve things. Sophie soon began to make friends; becoming best friends with another girl on the course, and having fun sleepovers.

As part of the Young Devon ‘Independent Life Skills’ course, the young people take part in a fundraising activity. Sophie had so many fantastic ideas for this project, and shared them willingly with her new friends. She felt able to take a lead role in this activity, and became Head Chef in the kitchen.

The course soon came to a finish. Sophie hit her long term goal of finishing the course.

Now, the difference in Sophie is impressive. She feels like she is achieving her educational goals. Sophie has started to feel independent; travelling on the train everyday and staying with friends. With help from Young Devon’s Accommodation team, Sophie is now living independently too.

This success for Sophie has been achieved by her fantastic relationship with Young Devon staff and their a package of support, and also by Sophie working so hard on developing herself. Well done Sophie!