B moved into Supported Housing when he was 16 following a series of relationship breakdowns. Homeless and in need of accommodation he moved into our high-needs project where it soon became clear that he had difficulty with anger management and relationships, particularly with men. He was unable to focus on a future career. Jumping from job to job his behaviour became volatile and he often became abusive when colleagues enforced the rules.

B was encouraged to join Young Devon’s Prince’s Trust Team program which he successfully completed. Our staff worked with him to help him develop ways to “clear his head” and balance his moods. He started an apprenticeship and college course through the Skills’ Group and secured work experience with a local barber.

This meant that B could move out of our supported housing and into one of Young Devon’s flats where he could “find his feet” in a more independent environment.

But managing his money became a problem and he was at risk of losing this flat if he didn’t clear his debts. With some extra help from the Young Devon team he cleared arrears by making regular payments and kept his home. With a safe and secure place to call home. B could focus on his future. He successfully applied to Prince’s Trust to undertake an intensive professional barbering course which meant that he could have his own station at the shop.

With the help of Young Devon, B has developed into and independent and mature young man. He is now a self-employed barber, is in a stable relationship has stable accommodation, a motorbike and a dog. A far cry from the young man who told us when he moved in “I won’t be here long. I’m going to go out with a bang!!”