Peer Action Collective

"We are a group of young researchers, working on a project run by young people, for young people. Our aim is to make a positive change, by learning how violence affects our local community"

The Peer Action Collective (PAC) is a groundbreaking network of young people who are designing and conducting research about young people’s experiences of violence, and turning it into positive action.

We are thrilled to be working with the Co-op Group, the Youth Endowment Fund and the #iwill Fund to coordinate the Peer Action Collective in the South West, and give young people the chance to make their communities safer, fairer places to live.

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All too often, young people who experience violence aren’t heard. But change won’t happen if young people are not at the heart of it. That’s why the Peer Action Collective exists!

Peer Action Collective is an exciting nationwide project, with a network of over 120 young people (Peer Researchers), who are designing their own research projects to better their local community. These Peer Researchers work with around 5,000 other young people (Changemakers) to find out about their experiences of Youth Violence and what they want to see change.

We are thrilled to be coordinating the Peer Action Collective in the South West, and running the Plymouth project from our 'Young Plymouth' Centre on Mutley Plain.

Live in Plymouth? Become a Changemaker today! Make new friends, have fun, take part in research and make a difference to your local community...

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Meet the Young Devon PAC Team

PAC Coordinator

Emily Sethi

PAC Youth Worker

Nat Knight

Peer Researcher


Peer Researcher


Peer Researcher


Peer Researcher


We are on the lookout for young Changemakers

Our Peer Researchers have collated and analysed a huge amount of research and data over the last year, and we are now entering Phase 2 of our project. That means, we are officially on the lookout for Changemakers to join our network of young people!

Changemakers are young people aged 10-20, who want to make a difference to those around them, and the places they're connected to. We need Changemakers to help put our research into practice, and give us ideas to action!

Do you have an idea that will make a positive difference?

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Sign our Professional Pledge

As a Plymouth-based Peer Research team working within Young Devon, we have been part of a nationwide project focused on preventing Youth Violence. As part of this project, we have conducted research into current local education around Youth Violence, and ways to further this education and aim it toward young people.

Our findings have shown us that there is not nearly enough education on Youth Violence in Plymouth. This has led to a lack of understanding of the reasons why young people get involved in local violence, as well as the causes and impacts that Youth Violence can have.

Therefore, we would like to ask you to sign our Professional Pledge, to help us increase local education and awareness around Youth Violence.

By signing this Pledge, you agree to remain mindful of educating young people. If you are signing on behalf of a school, we ask you to consider incorporating Violence and Safety education into PSHE/Citizenship lessons.

Signing this Pledge shows Plymouth that local businesses and members in authority are dedicated to making life safer and better for young people. We strongly believe young people should be aware of the impact and risks of violence and how to stay safe... will you help us educate them?

Download our social media resources, and share them on your platforms and feeds; showing us and the rest of Plymouth how you are committed to supporting our research into Youth Violence. Be sure to tag Young Devon's social media accounts, for a chance to be reshared!

How the Peer Action Collective works

Young people aged 16-25 are able to sign up to join their local Peer Action Collective team, and become a Peer Researcher; designing their own community research projects, asking questions, shaping solutions and taking social action. The work is fun and engaging; Peer Researchers work in teams with other young people who want a challenge and to develop new skills. And... they get paid £9.50 an hour to research, make friends and have a blast!

As a Peer Researcher, young people are employed to talk with their peers about specific issues, challenges and topics. Young people are also involved as volunteer Changemakers (aged 10-20); these Changemakers work alongside the Peer Researchers to help find solutions and take action on Youth Violence in their communities and beyond.

The Peer Action Collective supports young people to take the lead; Peer Researchers will be in charge of asking questions and finding out what needs to happen to make their area a better place to live.

All young people who take part in Peer Action Collective will:

  • Get involved in social action projects and have their voices heard!

  • Work with other young people, make friends and have fun, whilst making a difference.

  • Advocate and make change happen in their local communities!

  • Complete interactive, professional workshops to strengthen their skills and employability.

Being part of the Peer Action Collective means young people will get support to take their research and turn it into action. From setting up a youth centre, improving local mental health services or supporting more young people into employment; together, Peer Researchers and Changemakers will work to create opportunities to make their communities better.

The PAC is a £5.2 million programme, which aims to give young people the chance to make their communities safer, fairer places to live. It is funded by the Youth Endowment Fund, the #iwill Fund (a joint investment between The National Lottery Community Fund and the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport) and the Co-op group.

We want more young people to become Changemakers!