I am a 13 year old who was a victim of crime when I was 10 years old. I told someone about the feet 349687 1920crime earlier this year and the police were then involved. It was suggested to my mother that I receive support from Victims of Crime and I was introduced to someone called Nikki. We talked about the event and how this had affected me and also my family. Nikki discovered that I like spending time around animals and she arranged for me to visit Pennywell Farm, The Hedgehog hospital and also The Mare and Foal Sanctuary. During these outings Nikki and I talked about how the crime made me feel and how I manage these feelings. When I feel anxious now I remember that I had no control over those events but that I can control how I feel about them, this enables me to enjoy being myself and looking forward to living my life and achieving my goals.

When I was offered support from the Victims of Crime I wasn’t happy, this increased my anxiety to begin with but the approach that was taken calm and Nikki let me have a contribution in how my support would be planned and what would be involved in helping me to move forward. I am glad that I received the support from Victims of Crime as this has helped to overcome the feelings of panic and upset every time I thought about what had happened. I know that some people make choices that can impact on other people, I have learned that they also may not have control over their choices. This doesn’t excuse the behaviour of other people but it does help me make sense of what happened and know that it wasn’t my fault.

I am doing well in school and have recently won an award for writing a poem about the incident and this is due to be published in January. I am planning to write another poem for another competition, I have found this to also benefit other people when they feel that things are difficult and that there is no way out. I have learned that there is always someone who cares. There is always an opportunity to have our voice heard and someone who understands. I look forward to being able to use this experience in a way that will not let it hold me back but help me to be stronger. I am happy and trying new experiences such as playing badminton to help me use my energy when I feel stressed or anxious. I also like to go trampolining with my brother when I feel I need to use the energy that makes me nervous. I am more able to cope with everyday problems now and feel that the support I have received has helped me achieve goals and identify more. Thank your Nikki and the Victim of Crime service.