Lot’s of good work has been going on over in Plymouth for children in care over the last few weeks. Young People 8

The Listen and Care Council are made up of a number of young people aged 13 – 21 years. They make sure children in care have a voice and that the people who make decisions know what children in care want and need.

The LACC group are getting involved in important decision making at the moment, allowing them to have an influential and powerful voice. In Plymouth there is a tendering process underway to look at who will be the provider for the Advocacy and Independent Visitor Service for Plymouth Children in Care. Young people in the Listen and Care Council group have been asked to be part of the decision making process. They will be having a look at what providers have said and helping to decide who will best meet the needs of children and young people.

The LACC group have also started work to create a recruitment film for social workers and foster carers which will make sure that more young people know about the group and that they can join and have a voice. Young people in the group want their voice to be louder and for more young people to help make positive changes in Plymouth.

On behalf of young people, Young Devon put forward an idea for a Plymouth Children in Care Week in 2017. Plymouth City Council and Plymouth Corporate Parents really liked the idea and have given it their support. The week will celebrate the amazing achievements of children in care, raise awareness and challenge the stereotypes associated with children in care. We are excited that work will be starting on this soon! There have been other national celebratory events before such as – Fostering Fortnight, Careleavers Week and Corporate Parenting Week but, as far as we are aware, there has not been a week to promote the achievements and challenges faced by children in care before.

It’s great to see another example of how youth work can really make a difference to young people’s lives!