After struggling with alcohol and drug usage, Mel is now a calm and mature individual who has built up her confidence and is in power of her self-control.

Mel started with a Young Devon mentor, completed the Work Based Learning course and then progressed onto the Princes Trust Team program. Her personal development has been incredible and she is aiming to volunteer with Young Devon with a youth work career in mind. Her journey and progression began in January 2017 through to May 2018 and has seen her complete a work placement in Exeter YES with some excellent feedback.

Committing to a course was difficult for Mel as her lifestyle was preventing her from being attentive in the mornings. She was experiencing homelessness and was using Night Stop regularly before she moved into sheltered housing. She struggled with substance abuse and was a member of the Early Help For Mental Health hub group. Her financial situation also meant she was a regular visitor to the local food bank.

Mel has overcome the barriers of living independently at a young age and now embraces the importance of taking opportunities that come her way. The development of a mature working personality and the ability to switch between young person and youth worker has been one of her biggest challenges and is one that we’ve worked together to overcome. Mel now confidently sets targets for herself with a plan on how to achieve them and remains resilient if things don’t always go as planned.