Hannah Matson writes about her time as an apprentice at Young Devon….

I started my apprenticeship in January this year as an Apprentice Youth Support Worker. During my time at Young Devon I have had the chance to help out on loads of projects. I have attended a residential with the Prince’s Trust group and supported young people on things such as the Step Up programme, EH4MH workshops and hub groups. I have had the chance to meet staff from other services with projects such as CYP IAPT and the Have Your Say group. I have enjoyed helping out at events such as the CYP IAPT Celebration Event and the Children in Care Awards. me

I decided to start an apprenticeship with Young Devon as I am more of a practical person and really wanted to take on a new challenge. This was my first real job and experience of working with young people and I am so happy that I decided to do it. I have learnt so many key skills that I can transfer into my personal life and work life. I have enjoyed being able to learn in a way that suits me and learning about all the things that Young Devon do to support young people. I have loved getting to meet so many lovely people and work with them on their projects. I have now been offered a job supporting adults with autism and can’t wait to carry on supporting people.