On World Voice Day we have spoken to members of Young Devon’s Youth Counncil about why it’s important that their voices are heard. Here’s what Bea has to say:

“As young people, we are the most qualified in the field of the mental health of our peers. As much as the “professionals” may want to claim that title, they can’t. The training they receive may look good in theory, and it may prepare them for a few variants of different scenarios, but the reality is that they will never be fully qualified in today’s issues and epidemics.

That is where my generation come in. Bullying, mental health and generally the way the world works is so different from what it was when our practitioners were our age, so we cannot expect them to fully understand. However, by using our voices and having them heard, we can give a little insight. We, as young people, are the most qualified in our generations issues. Our voice can be the extra training the professionals need in order to help the most they can.”