It is with real sadness that we have to announce that YD@Number3 will not be re­opening following the Coronavirus lockdown.

As a charity committed to supporting young people across our county, Young Devon saw YD@Number3 as an opportunity to share more about our work, a place for young people to gain real work experience and of course somewhere to get great coffee and food.

Sadly, after more than a year where all the team worked to make the cafe financially viable, Coronavirus happened. The timing has been terrible, coming after a winter when the hospitality industry is at its quietest, and now we don’t believe we can serve people safely whilst making enough money to make the cafe viable.

As a charity, Young Devon continues to support hundreds of young people every week who need help with homelessness, safe accommodation, mental health and skills development. The near future will be very challenging for many local young people and it is only right that we focus all our resource – money and time – on supporting them as best we can.

If anyone wants to continue supporting the work of Young Devon, to change the odds in favour of young people who need our help, they can donate here. There are also helpful resources for young people and stories of our work in our Coronavirus Resource Hub.

YD@Number3 has been a fantastic experience for Young Devon, one we’ve learnt a great deal from. We’ve been reminded what a wonderful and welcoming community Totnes is to work in and we’ve also learnt just how many people and how much work goes into making a cafe like this work.

The most important thing to do now is to say thank you – to the community of Totnes for all your support and all the people who visited, shared time with us and enjoyed a meal or a drink. Lastly we want to say thanks to every single person who worked, volunteered or helped out to make the cafe the fleeting success it was – whether you gave hours, days or months it wouldn’t have been possible without you, so thank you to:

Ali, Ali, Alice, Amber, Amber, Andy, Anna, Bethany, Charlotte, Chelsea, Ciaran, Colin, Dianne, Ellie, Elliot, Fran, Grace, Harriet, Helen, Isabella, Jesse, Joel, Josh, Kez, Kiba, Marie, Malcolm, Matthew, Mike, Nikki, Nixie, Olivia, Phillippe, Reuben, Rosa, Rosie, Ruby, Suzanne, Steve, Taz, Thomas, Wendy and Will.