Q & A session with Kat

Q: What is your volunteer role?
A: Counsellor

Q: Why did you start Volunteering for Young Devon?
A: I needed to do a work placement as part of my counselling training and I wanted to specifically work with young people. I also wanted to work with a well established organisation.

Q. How does volunteering with Young Devon fit around your life?
A: I found Young Devon really flexible in terms of which days and how many hours I could commit to. I worked one afternoon per week and was able to fit this around other things that I did.

Q: How do you find working with us?
A: I really enjoyed working with different young people and I had a very positive experience. I found staff very friendly, supportive and welcoming. It also felt very organised and I found that people in different departments/areas worked together really well. When I qualified, I continued to volunteer with Young Devon because I enjoyed it so much!

Q: What are the benefits of volunteering with us?
A: It enabled me to complete a lot of my placement hours as a trainee and having a supervisor that worked at Young Devon was incredibly beneficial.

Q: What would you say to someone thinking about doing a counselling placement with Young Devon or why might somebody want to volunteer with Young Devon?
A: Young Devon really works to empower young people, enabling them to build greater levels of self-esteem and encouraging them to have a voice of their own. I felt very supported both as a trainee and qualified counsellor. It helped me to develop many skills and it gave me a lot more confidence as a practitioner. I would definitely recommend it!