It’s been a little over a month since Minds That Matter launched into action. Eeeek!!

We’re excited with how it’s unfolded so far and we’re eager to see which direction it will go.

For those who aren’t sure of what the project is about, Minds That Matter is a social media campaign by the young people for the young people, with the goal to encourage positive mental wellbeing.

Young people have been doodling, filming and photographing their ideas and top tips for better mental health. With the power of social media, they’ve created a digital wall of positivity, collecting visuals from the online world and beyond using #MindsThatMatter.

We would love for more people to get involved! The theme for this month (taken from the EH4MH 10 a day) is “Take a break”. With stress from exams at school, pressures at work or just day-to-day life, we can often forget to take time for ourselves. But fear not, we’ll be putting up tips and tricks from young people on just how to do this.

How do you take a break? We’d like to know. Get involved in the conversation by using #MindsThatMatter.
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