What is Mindful Employer: Mindful Employer is a UK-wide initiative aimed at increasing awareness of Mental Health in the workplace. Young Devon have signed the Charter for Employers who are positive about Mental Health. As part of this we recognise the following (taken from Mindful Employer’s Charter):

 People who have mental health issues may have experienced discrimination in recruitment and selection procedures. This may discourage them from seeking employment.
 Whilst some people will acknowledge their experience of mental health issues in a frank and open way, others fear that stigma will jeopardise their chances of getting a job.
 Given appropriate support, the vast majority of people who have experienced mental ill health continue to work successfully as do many with ongoing issues

More information on Mindful Employer can be found at their website www.mindfulemployer.net/

Who are we? – We have a Young Devon Working Group focusing on Mental Health – we are Andrew “Gill” Gillard (Supported Lodgings Coordinator, Exeter YES), Andy Miller (Participation Coordinator, North Devon) and Sarah Johnson (HR Coordinator, Central Office).

What can you expect?
We aim to raise awareness around Mental Health, so that it is something we ALL feel comfortable talking about and feel better able to ask for help. We aim to develop a culture of best practice and ensure that we all have information and training about managing mental health in the workplace. We aim to share information around how to stay mentally healthy and where staff and volunteers can get non-judgmental and proactive support, so that colleagues are better able to make informed choices about their own Mental Health.

Key milestones over the next six months:
• Raising more awareness around Mental Health
• Training for Line Managers
• Sharing information on where to get support

We are happy to help our members of the workforce in any of the following areas:
• Access to Self-Assessment tools (for both Line Managers and employees)
• We have lots of resources available for use
• For Line Managers, we have suggested questions to ask / avoid, a conversation checklist and advice on how to broach the subject with an employee
• Guidance for employees on how to let their Line Manager know if they are struggling, and advice for Line Managers on how to respond to a disclosure
• Developing a WAP (Wellness Action Plan)
• Tips for staying mentally healthy

Please also remember that Young Devon subscribes to Mindful Employer Plus. This provides a telephone helpline for all of our employees, which offers a listening ear, guidance and signposting to further advice on any issue either in or out of the workplace. Their number is 0300 555 6006, 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Look out for further information from us in the near future. Please also feel free to contact us if you have any queries.

Andrew “Gill” Gillard – Exeter YES, 07815 116389, andrew.gillard@youngdevon.org
Sarah Johnson – Central Office Ivybridge, 01752 691511, sarah.johnson@youngdevon.org
Andy Miller – Georgie’s in Barnstaple, 07738 706082, andrew.miller@youngdevon.org