As our Peer Researchers hand out their resource packs, Beate reflects on her experience with the PAC team

My goal for pack was to create a digital space where young people could access self-help resources, regarding youth violence. This goal has been achieved by myself and my team, as we produced a booklet with lots of useful information to do with safety, violence and mental health.

I created a poster which looked into the consequences of youth violence, specifically the emotions young people might be feeling. These posters have been distributed in schools, youth clubs and other places in which young people attend. I believe this social action has made a difference, as young people and professionals will be seeing this poster and have the opportunity to scan the QR code to access all our resources.

The PAC project has been a massive springboard for myself because when I began this project I did not really know what I wanted to do with my career. I am now studying a Masters in Youth and Community Work, with a real interest in young people and the disadvantages they may face. Going forward, my aim is to work to improve young people’s lives and change systems and regulations to improve their lives even further!

I have grown personally and professionally because of PAC. The project itself, and the staff at Young Devon have been amazing, and I certainly would not be where I am right now if it wasn’t for them encouraging me to become the person I am proud to be.

I’m also proud of how well we worked as a team, even though we lived far apart from one another. This showed me a great example of good work ethic and collaboration. It’s very rewarding to know the work that we produced has been seen by so many people and organizations, and that they’ve taken notice of the amazing work we have created.

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