Everyone has mental health, and it isn’t something you need to deal with on your own. Over 7000 young people have spoken to our Early Help for Mental Health service over the past 3 years with 80% talking about experiencing anxiety of some form. It helps to talk and there are lots of people to listen.

Young Devon provides support to young people in a number of ways:

Community Based Counselling
Young people can access a safe and confidential place to talk to a counsellor about their experiences or feelings. Each young person is in control of their support and sets their own goals. We have bases in Ivybridge, Barnstaple, Exeter, Newton Abbot, Plymouth and Tavistock.

School Based Counselling
In Plymouth, we provide counselling to young people in 19 schools. Young people have access to a counsellor in school or in a community setting, with a private space to discuss feelings and experiences.

We support young people with their wellbeing in other areas too, including sexual health and young victims of crime. We have experienced staff who will always listen and never judge. If you are worried or would like support then go to our Wellbeing page and fill in our online form.