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Host Interview

We asked several of our current Hosts what they would say to those considering opening their doors and welcoming a young person into their home...

Why did you decide to become a Host?

Robert: We had Spare Rooms at the time! Young people need a safe start.

Dan: I have worked with young people since leaving University, in different capacities, and I thought that becoming a Host would be a good way to put my Spare Rooms to good use and have some company.

What are the most rewarding aspects of being a Host?

Ciara: The young people themselves, and helping to make a difference in their lives.

Robert: We have lots of laughs together, and enjoy seeing our young people grow. We stay in touch with most of our young people, and see many of them still. We see that they have grown and are getting on with life.

Dan: Knowing that you are playing a vital part in their life; being there to listen and support... it is very fufilling.

Would you recommend becoming a Host, and why?

Ciara: Yes I would recommend becoming a Host! You do, however, have to be open minded, tolerant and have a great deal of empathy. You have to be able to say no and sometimes deal with stressful situations.

Robert: Yes! It helps you to understand young people and some of their problems. It is very rewarding; you learn that you are making a difference with each and every one.

In your experience, how do our Accommodation services make a difference to young people in need?

Robert: Young Devon Accommodation gives a young person space away from their family. The process helps them to learn that it isn't always their family that makes life hard... life is hard! It teaches them responsibility; not just of their belongings and their life journey.

Dan: There are so many aspects of Young Devon that help young people. The services they offer help young people to be grounded and have adults take them seriously; listening to their needs, giving them advice and guidance.

Authors: Robert, 59; Ciara, 44; Dan, 41

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