The Young Devon Sidmouth Youth Centre team were lucky enough to host two sessions of fun activities last month, as part of the annual Sidmouth Science Festival.

On Tuesday 12th October, we had a special guest at our Open Access evening youth session at the Centre; Science Festival ‘Activity Host’ Alex stopped by, to show our young people the physics behind doing various tricks you can do on a skateboard using his Tech Deck skateboard kit.

On Saturday 16th October, our team hosted a day of Virtual Reality, 3D Printing and… Rock music?!

Young people enjoyed various fun Virtual Reality activities, including walking the plank and skiing down snow slopes, as well as trying their hands at the rhythm game ‘Beat Saber’…

Chris Moore, Lead Youth Worker at Sidmouth Youth Centre, ran a 3D Printing workshop; showing young people how technology can help us to produce just about anything we put our minds to. Together, they created some 3D printed name tags; very cool!

During the afternoon we hosted a Rock guitarist, who used a mixture of science and comedy to explain the physics and theory of music, including frequency and wavelengths.

Hosting Sidmouth Science Festival activities at Sidmouth Youth Centre was an amazing experience for all. We’re thrilled that over 60 young people, plus their parents and visitors, attended our two sessions. It was an incredibly fun week, and everyone went away learning great new things!

Thank you to Sidmouth Science Festival and Sidmouth Town Council for making these memorable sessions possible.

If you know a young person who is struggling, please encourage them to contact us. If you are a young person who needs support, or advice; we are only an email, phone call or text away.