I have gained lots of skills that a youth worker needs and I have been able to put these skills into practice in several different youth work settings; like Sidmouth youth centre and at Exeter YES Centre, supporting young people during the employability courses that Young Devon provide and in partnership with Weston College. I am pleased about completing my level 3 Diploma in youth work practice to help me to progress in my youth work career.

During my apprenticeship, I was able to have the opportunity of being a team assistant of the NCS programme in the summer and autumn. I am looking at going into mentoring with Young Devon after my apprenticeship.

I would like to thank everyone that I supported or has helped me over the last year during my apprenticeship. I would also like to thank Ben Feasey, Ruth Glen and Karina Jones for supporting me throughout my apprenticeship and I will look forward to working with you all in the future.

Written by Dominic Bennett