“We wanted to go to Soundart because it would not only be a good way of telling people the kind of work that we do at Young Devon, but also if anybody was listening to the show that was feeling lost or in a bad situation, that there is help at hand… Young Devon is there to help”

Local young people Chloe, Harry and Amber visited Soundart Radio, a popular community radio station in South Devon, last month to chat all things Young Devon!

Joined by Young Devon’s ‘Participation Team Leader’ Bekki Redshaw; these wonderful young people went live on air, telling listeners how they originally got involved with Young Devon’s services, and discussing the work that they do with us now, to help our services flourish.

“We spoke about the different jobs we take working at Young Devon, including, but not limited to the Help Fund, Youth Council and Wellbeing Cafe…”

- Chloe, Youth Council member

With first-hand experience of our Skills, Voice and Wellbeing services; in this interview, Chloe, Harry and Amber tell Soundart Radio host Derek O’toole how they have now become involved with supporting the services that helped them, and providing help to other young people.

Listen to the whole radio interview below!

Passionate advocates of our YES Centres, our Skills courses, our Wellbeing service and our Voice offers; Chloe, Harry and Amber go into depth on what happens during our informal, fun Wellbeing Cafe sessions. We also hear from other young people in Young Devon, who attend our Wellbeing Cafe meet-ups…

“It’s a low key version of a support group… very informal… there are projects that we work on week-to-week… at the moment, we are working on a board game, based around what it’s like to be growing up at this point in time, COVID has obviously been a big factor in that, but also it touches on mortgages, health issues…”

- Harry, Youth Council member and Kickstart Apprentice for Young Devon

“We talk about our emotions, and we have activities on how we can control our emotions… [our Wellbeing Cafe sessions] help young people express how they feel, without judgement… We’ve seen a significant amount of young people needing to come, or wanting to come, to our Wellbeing Cafes because of COVID

It’s safe here, we have hand sanitiser everywhere, and if we take part in an activity that’s more hands on, we wear gloves… young people can talk as much as they like or as little as they like, its completely up to them what they share…”

- Meg, Youth Council member

They also tell listeners about our upcoming Wellbeing Book. A project born out of COVID-19 lockdown, created by young people in our Wellbeing Cafe sessions FOR other young people struggling with their wellbeing; the Young Devon Wellbeing Book will be developed into a printed product later this year. A resource to help young people with their mental health, filled with interactive pages and helpful advice; this Book will be given to all young people who decide to access Young Devon services, as a welcome present.

“Young Devon IS the voice of young people in Devon”

- Meg, Youth Council member

Discussing that all Young Devon services are young person-centred; Chloe, Harry, Amber and Bekki reiterate how Young Devon place an emphasis on ensuring young people’s voices, needs and wants are always listened to and heard, and translated back into shaping all services going forward.

“We are open to challenge from young people… around COVID, we learnt about online youth work, and that was a really positive thing. Our Youth Council have a really strong relationship with the CEO of Young Devon, Andy Moreman; there’s a relationship there, based on respect and equality. Young people have challenged us, as the staff team of Young Devon, about what we need to do, what are the priorities, what we need to change as an organisation…”

- Bekki Redshaw, Participation Team Leader for Young Devon

But young people aren’t just making a mark on our services, they’re also making a mark on our buildings too! In this enlightening intervew, Chloe, Harry and Amber also discuss how Young Devon give young people opportunities to be creative, and put their stamp on their local community; helping to decorate our YES Centres, to make them more welcoming spaces.

“I’ve never seen a more non-judgemental environment to be in to get help, than Young Devon… Young Devon will listen to you…”

- Harry, Youth Council member and Kickstart Apprentice for Young Devon

As Chloe, Harry and Amber say; if you are a young person who needs help, or if you know a young person who needs help, please contact us today.

We are here to help young people in Devon.

To find out more about our services, please click here.
To join one of our Wellbeing Cafes, please email wellbeingenquiries@youngdevon.org
To visit one of our YES Centres, please click here.

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