Mental health is like living with your worst enemy. I sometimes describe anxiety as living on a cliff. When it is stable you keep away from the edge but every so often something triggers it. This thing, no matter how small is just pushing you slightly closer to the edge.

Over time these small things build up and suddenly you are on the edge, looking over. Then something else comes along and pushes you, but no matter how much you push it away, it usually catches up with you and pushes you over. You can’t always stop this happening but it can help to tell someone.

Mental health can happen to anyone, of any age and talking does help, even if you don’t want to, because someone else can help you fight that little monster and push it back again. They can help keep you on that cliff and minimise the times you get pushed over the edge. I’m not saying you won’t have bad days, but you talking might just lessen the amount of bad days you are having.

I have received support from Young Devon after talking to my school. Everyone has been really good and I always know there is someone to talk to and who will listen and take my problems seriously. I got counselling from Young Devon for six weeks, and whilst it wasn’t really for me, it did help just to talk to someone and tell them problems I had never discussed with anyone else.