Hi. My name is Aron and I have had a week’s work experience working at Young Devon’s Change Academy.

I am in Year 10 at the moment and in my school during Year 10 everyone has to do at least one week of work experience. So I came here for my week.

To be honest I wasn’t looking forward to working for a week as I thought I would be working all day non-stop with only a small lunch break. However I found it was much more relaxed than that. At lunch I get to go outside and explore Newton Abbot (that’s where the office is based). I take the train into Newton Abbot from Exeter which is really cool because the train goes along the coast line and the view is really pretty.

Also I thought I would be doing lots of very repetitive tasks that aren’t very fun but predominantly I’ve been doing tasks to with my interests which are computers. I have been doing stuff like backing up files on commuter systems, running malware/virus scans for the computers and using the computer to design posters, infographics and other graphical stuff. I have also been helping out with other stuff such as measuring dimensions of windows and listing stationery.

Everyone here is really nice and surprisingly happy. Being here is very tiring as I do work longer than I do normally at school but is suppose it’s good experience for me because that’s what work is normally like.