Everyday, we support young people and their parents through emotional crisis and mental chaos.

Even in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic, our Wellbeing team are still here; giving advice to parents, supporting carers and delivering counselling to young people online and over the phone.

In the following article, a mother tells us (in her own words) of her experience with our Wellbeing services and the support she received from one of our Wellbeing Practitioners, Rachel. She describes how Young Devon helped her, when she reached the end of her tether.

“I feel like for the first time someone really gets what is going on and the relief I feel is huge”

I have two children and whilst my youngest is confident and always willing to have a go, my eldest (Abbie) has been riddled with anxiety and feels nervous a lot of the time, both inside and outside our house.

I have found this very difficult to deal with over the years.

As a lone parent (I am widowed) I never get a break from the worry of it all.

I was pretty desperate when I first spoke to Rachel, completely at the end of my tether. I was exhausted. I told her what had been happening, what it was really like, what Abbie is like and how I just didn’t know what to do. Rachel listened to me and took my concerns seriously. She gave me her thoughts about why Abbie might be having the difficulties she is having, linking it back to the trauma she experienced as a young child when her dad was poorly and subsequently passed away.

Rachel sent me a document about Developmental Trauma. Reading this was like reading about Abbie; in my head I was shouting “YES YES YES this is why!” I sent that document to all my family members.

“I don’t have to try and convince anyone anymore that there is something not right”

Rachel advised relaxation and meditation for now, giving me the names of some great apps. Rachel has also encouraged me to start talking to Abbie about how she feels and why, and she is guiding us through this process.

I feel like for the first time someone really gets what is going on and the relief I feel is huge.

If you are a parent or carer who is struggling during this difficult time, please contact us. If you need support, or advice; we are only an email, phone call or text away.

Please see our Coronavirus Service Update for up-to-date details on how to contact us.