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Becoming a Host

Could you provide...

house A safe, welcoming environment
bedYour spare room, as their bedroom
coffeeUse of your home facilities
volunteer_activismOne to one support

You will receieve...

live_help Ongoing support
description Training
payments A generous weekly payment
favoriteThe fulfilment of making a difference

It is great when a young person can live at home with their family, but this is not always possible. Family breakdowns, bereavement, leaving care; there are many reasons why a young person may find themselves without a place to stay.

A safe and stable place to call home is vital for young people in need, to enable them to thrive.

That’s where Young Devon come in. When a young person can no longer live at home, or they find themselves homeless, we work with them to find out what accommodation best suits their needs. For many young people, our Supported Lodgings Scheme is the best option.

What is a Host?

A Host is much more than an individual or family who happen to have a Spare Room.

A Host is honest, trustworthy and patient. Someone who, amongst their other life skills, can offer support, a positive attitude and empathy to a young person. Our Hosts also have a willingness to complete training and embrace opportunities to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Becoming a Young Devon Host means making room for a young person in your life… literally! By signing up to be a Host, you are partnering with our skilled and experienced accommodation team, and welcoming a young person into your home. You are helping to shape a young person's future.

Do you have a Spare Room?

By opening your doors to a young person, you could change their life.

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