Supported Lodgings is one of the ways that Young Devon help house young people.

We partner with Young Devon Hosts, to provide safe homes and support for young people in need. Our Hosts welcome young people into their homes, and help to shape their future. Last year our Hosts provided over 31,000 bed-nights to young people, in their spare rooms.

When a young person joins Young Devon’s Supported Lodgings, the Young Devon Accommodation team take the time needed to get to know them; developing an understanding of their own uniqueness, their dreams, aspirations, likes, dislikes, and their current support needs. It is only by taking the time to get to know every young person individually, that we can support each young person’s unique needs, and match them with the right Host(s). Getting the right Host(s) for a young person is critical; when making each match, we take into account the Host’s skills, where they live and their availability.

To make our matches happen, we do need to go through a few stages, and there are always a few forms to fill out. Young Devon will always help a young person to complete their paperwork and, once we have received the references that we need, we arrange a meet-and-greet in the Host home. This gives the young person a chance to meet the family, have a tour of the house, see their potential new room, and discuss anything important before they move in.

But that is not where Young Devon’s work ends, every young person in Supported Lodgings is allocated a Support Worker; who is there for them, and helps them to move forward. Support Workers aren’t just people to talk to if things aren’t going well, they help young people develop the skills that they need to live successful independent lives. They assist young people with their finances, they help young people re-engage with education and they support young people to access wellbeing advice or support they might need.

We want each young person to have an opportunity to live their life to the full whilst they are with us, and we are passionate about helping them thrive.

If you think that Supported Lodgings can help you or someone you know, or if you are interested in becoming a Host and want to know more, click here or contact Young Devon:

Diane Rae, Head of Supported Lodgings
T: 01752 698402

Supported Lodgings out of hours contact
T: 07866 510402

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