Young Devon runs Homelessness Prevention schemes in Teignbridge, Exeter and East Devon. If you are homeless, or at the risk of becoming homeless, in these three districts then our teams are on hand to help you.

In Teignbridge we can help young people aged 16 & 17, although if you are between 18 & 21 and a care leaver we can help you too

In Exeter we can help 16 & 17 year olds and care leavers. If you are over 18 but aren’t a care leaver then you need to contact Exeter City Council and they will be able to give you the support that you need.

In East Devon we can work with all young people aged between 16 & 24.

There may be several reasons why you are homeless:

  • you’ve been told to leave home by your parents, family or carers
  • you can only stay where you are on a very temporary basis
  • you’re sofa surfing
  • you can’t live at home because of violence or abuse
  • you are a young person leaving care

If any of these apply to you then Young Devon is here to help.

  • Our team can talk to you before things reach a crisis point at home and you have nowhere to live;
  • We can be there for you to mediate between you and the people that you live with so;
  • You can start to sort out the issues so you can stay at home or help you make a plan of action but if we can’t help;
  • We can contact other services that will be able to help you find what you are looking for.

Our Homeless Prevention teams can:

  • Give you advice on the accommodation options that are open to you;
  • Help you learn how to manage your money;
  • Help you manage your own rented accommodation;
  • Support you to make a claim at the Job Centre;
  • Help you identify appropriate alternative accommodation;
  • Give you an access to a computer to help you with your accommodation search;
  • Give you access to a washing machine / shower.

So if you think that your relationships are breaking down, then here’s how to get in touch:


Call us on 01626 202530 or Freephone 08082 810155

Drop into Newton Abbot Yes Centre, 11 Queen Street; Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday 1.00pm to 5.00pm or call us to make an appointment. We will answer all non-emergency enquiries within 48 hours.


If you are over 18 or it’s after 5.00pm or is the weekend call 01395 516854 If you are under 18 call the Social Service Emergency Duty team on 0345 600 0388

Exeter & East Devon

Contact 01392 331666 and ask to speak to the Homelessness Prevention Team or email

Drop into Exeter YES Centre, LBD House, George Street, Exeter; Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays 2.00pm to 4.00pm (Please book an appointment if you can as Exeter drop in can get busy).


Are you over 18 or it’s after 5.00pm or is the weekend?

  • If you’re from Exeter call 0845 351160
  • If you’re from East Devon call 01395 516854

If you are under 18 call the Social Service Emergency Duty team on 0345 600 0388