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Providing easier access to professional mental health consultation and advice.

Everyone has mental health. Just like physical health, there can be times when things feel good, and times when things can feel difficult.

Mental health relates to how you feel about yourself, how you feel about what is happening to you, and how you feel about the world around you. You may feel positive, confident and able to cope with life, and at other times feel sad, worried, and that life is a struggle.

Mental health can be made worse by many things around us such as exam stress or relationships with others.  It might be, right now, that you are finding things difficult, you might be worrying about someone, or perhaps something doesn’t feel right. At Young Devon we want to help.

Please contact us on the links below, and see what we do that might be right for your mental health.


Early Help 4 Mental Health

Providing easier access to expert mental health consultation and advice. em4mh logo full 2

The Early Help for Mental Health (EH4MH) service is delivered by three organisations, Young Devon, Kooth, and Virgin care working together to support school staff, children, young people and their families with emotional wellbeing and mental health needs.

If you're suffering with problems with your mental health, there are people here to help you..

We can help you work out what is going on, how to manage your feelings and what to do if you feel like thing's are getting on top of you...

Someone on our team is always available to chat.  Call Young Devon free on 08082 810155 or click on the links below for contact information...

If you don't feel like you can talk to someone face-2-face you can contact an online counsellor at, find the link below...

Counselling for Plymouth Schools

vcard_DSC_0199tall.JPGYoung People’s Counselling is now running at a number of schools in the area.

This is for young people in Plymouth schools aged 11-18. If you would like face-2-face counselling you can:

  • Call Young Devon free on 08082 810 155
  • Go to or click Visit Our Webpage below to complete an online enquiry form
  • Pick up an enquiry form from the school and complete your details and we will make contact with you
  • Ask any of the teachers or support team in your school and they can put us in touch
  • Someone else can contact us on your behalf and support your enquiry if that would help.

We can see you in school or in the community. If you would like online support: Go to, sign up on-line and access self help tools, moderated live chat and our online team of counsellors.

People come to counselling for all sorts of reasons - from difficulties at home, work or school to feelings of depression and anxiety which have no apparent cause. Counselling can give you the time and space to explore your feelings, discuss your situation, and find a way through. A Counsellor does not judge you and will not tell you what to do. Everything you say is confidential.

* Young Devon is a member of Youth Access and the British Association of Counselling & Psychotherapy (BACP) and we are committed to work within their ethical framework. You can contact us on the following numbers: 08082 810 155 or 01752 424759

Victim Care Support

young people 12Have you been the victim of a crime? We can help you.

Young Devon has been part of The Victim Care Support Network since it's launch and so far we have worked wtih: - 

  • 150 Victims of Crime 
  • In 30 different towns spread across Devon
  • A wide age range of young people (9 - 26)
  • A range of types of crimes with the most common being assault or sexual assault. Some of these crimes do not fit a traditional crime type, such as bullying but can have a massive impact on the individual.

    80 % of the young people we worked with reported suffering ongoing emotional distress as a result of their crime including anxiety, stress, depression, self-esteem and panic attacks. 

Get in touch if you or someone you know is suffering emotionally as a result of a crime! We are here to help. 

Call us on 08082 810155. Your call is free from all land lines but for a free call from your mobile call 8082 810155 and you will speak to someone that just wants to help.

Alternatively you can email us at

If you don't want to speak to someone face 2 face or want to access help from your home, go online to KOOTH for free online counselling 365 days a year. Find the link below...

Minds That Matter

yd 2016 minds that matter

We are a group of young people who are passionate about changing mental health services for the better, for young people in the future. 

One in ten young people will suffer from a diagnosed mental health condition in their lifetime. We believe that by bringing public awareness to young people’s mental health through 'Minds that Matter' we can make a difference and improve the experience of tackling mental health for everyone. 

We want to take our campaign directly to the decision makers to highlight the increasing number of young people who need mental health support and that their needs are not being met. wp 20161007 13 46 13 pro 2 copy

It is time for your voice to be heard! 'Minds That Matter' is open to all and we want to hear from you!! Get in touch to find out how you can submit your story in a way that works for you. We're looking for videos, written submissions, posters, bullet points, anything to help your voice be heard!

Your stories are key to revealing the true realities many young people face and your ideas could make a real difference to young people's mental health services. 

'My mind matters. does yours?'

If you have a mental health story that you want to share please find contact information below...



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