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young peopleGet local help with housing, skills, advice and support

Young Devon has been helping young people across the county since 1949. 

So if you are looking for confidential advice about housing, counselling, relationships, your health, getting into work or training, or just want to talk to someone as you don’t think that you are being listened to; we can help.



housed 2Worried you might soon be homeless? Having troubles at home? We can help.

Looking for advice? Age 16-17 or over 18 and a care leaver? Need to make sure that you have a roof over your head tonight? Young Devon can help make sure that you have a place to stay.

To find out more and for contact information click on the links below.

If you think you will become homeless soon, contact our Homelessness Prevention team below. 

If you cannot stay within your family home then we have a number of different projects to help you..

Supported Lodgings: We will help to house you in a host family home. 

Supported Housing: We will help to house you in a shared house with other young people, where you will live independently but with the support of our team. 


Don’t leave it too long, contact Young Devon and we will be able to help...

Social Action, Skills & Qualifications

Young Devon Skills & Qualifications Team are proud to offer a category abouttraining package to help you get into work or higher level training. You can access short courses to learn skills for life, to longer fulltime courses leading to employment. All of our programmes are delivered in a way that engages, supports and challenges you in a way that takes into account your personal circumstances. 

We offer a range of different courses to suit your needs, build 20161108 124029key skills, confidence and self-esteem! 

Pick your nearest location below to find a course running near you. If you do not live in these locations we will pay for your travel so you can reach us....


Advice & Support

seascape 1Straight-forward support for problems you might face.

Need someone to talk to?  Do you feel that there is no one that understands?  Young Devon has been helping people like you for 20 years.  Young Devon has teams of experienced staff who will listen, who will help you through the challenges that you face and who certainly will never judge you.  If you need housing advice, we have a specialist team.  If you have sexual health concerns, we have a specialist team. If you are 11 to 18 year old and want someone to talk to, we have a team of trained counsellors. If you are 19 to 25,  have been through the care system or those with special educational needs, our counsellors can help you too.   If you have caring responsibilities, we have a specialist team.   If you need to talk, whatever the issue, our staff are here to listen and help.

Whatever you need to talk about contact us and we will be able to help.

Mental Health

counselling 1

Providing easier access to professional mental health consultation and advice.

Everyone has mental health. Just like physical health, there can be times when things feel good, and times when things can feel difficult.

Mental health relates to how you feel about yourself, how you feel about what is happening to you, and how you feel about the world around you. You may feel positive, confident and able to cope with life, and at other times feel sad, worried, and that life is a struggle.

Mental health can be made worse by many things around us such as exam stress or relationships with others.  It might be, right now, that you are finding things difficult, you might be worrying about someone, or perhaps something doesn’t feel right. At Young Devon we want to help.

Please contact us on the links below, and see what we do that might be right for your mental health.


Homelessness Emergency Contacts

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01752 424759 | Click for details >

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