Sidmouth Plastic Warriors

20180217 151103On Friday 17th, Sidmouth Plastic Warriors took to the streets in a community effort to tidy up Sidmouth! The small but growing group of residents were concerned for the level of rubbish building up within their home town and took action to address it!

Their fantastic aim is to ultimately make Sidmouth single-use-plastic-free and in between their main goal, they aim to keep Sidmouth staying environmentally friendly and looking its best through organised clean-ups!

30 motivated people of all ages came together and brought their gloves, bin bags and litter pickers, and collected an impressive 70 bags of litter! The spirit of community was alive as the group united together to make a difference in the world!

Denise Bickley, chair of Sidmouth Plastic Warriors said 

"I am so excited that so many people feel the same as me; that it's time to change how we live. Single use plastic is killing our planet, and our aim at SPW is to get Sidmouth single-use-plastic-free, to change minds and wake people up to the problem, and also clear up the mess of plastic pollution we're sadly all used to seeing. We all have to take responsibility for the #plasticpollution we cause."

The successful day ended with tea and biscuits at Young Devon’s Sidmouth Youth Centre!

Well done guys!


If you would like to get involved and/or follow their fantastic work;

Follow them on twitter: @sidplasticwar

Join their Facebook group: @Sidmouth Plastic Warriors 


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