Acceptance = Peace

Bea, a member of our Youth Council talks about what peace means to her for International Youth Day....pexels photo copy copy copy

What is the meaning of a ‘peaceful world’? Is it a world where children are able to roam freely in their towns without the fear of harm? Is it a world where everyone is seen as equal regardless of culture, gender or sexual orientation? Or is it something completely different… This is a question that we as a society are trying to answer.

For me, a peaceful world is one where discrimination is the taboo rather than religion. Where I, as a young person, can make my own decisions as to how I learn or what I learn about. My perfect world would allow me and my generation to have a say as to who guides our country. But let’s not get too political here…

I want to talk about acceptance, because I truly believe that once you are able to accept yourself and other people, you will find your peace. As a population, us as humans need to understand something in order to accept it but we are all so reluctant to listen and learn about different things because of that one simple word. “Different”. We need stability, we are scared of the unknown and that holds us all back. But that begs the question, when will we get bored? When will we get over the ‘fake news’ and controversy?

We are all human, I need to stress that. WE ARE HUMAN, regardless of our aesthetic or mental differences. We have the same physical make up. That is something that some of us are in denial of, something that some people refuse to accept.

Maybe we need to start a little closer to home… By accepting yourself before trying to accept others. I am giving you permission to be selfish and think about you. Not disregarding other people completely, but prioritising yourself. Because after all, how can you understand someone else if you don’t understand yourself? So here’s what you could do:

Step one: Take a step back. Out of your body. Become an observer of yourself.

Step two: Analyse. Take a moment to look at your pros and cons.

Step three: Accept it. You are who you are, you can’t change that and you don’t have to.

Once you have done these 3 things, you will be able to say you have accepted yourself. Now you can move on to accepting others and helping others to accept. They are the first small steps to a big change in this world.

In reality, acceptance is more than a 3 step directory. It will differ between each and every person depending on their mentality and each step will take a different amount of time for each person. It is a lot quicker if you just let go… Let go of the things that are holding you back. Let go of your hate and your past. For me, my journey to acceptance was gruelling and one of the most difficult things I’ve done to date… But I’m a better person through doing so, I’m myself, enhanced.

Something that really helped me with letting go of my past was a quote that I had painted onto a canvas by a local artist… “When your past calls, don’t answer. It has nothing new to say”. This canvas stayed on my wall until the day I accepted myself. On that day I burned that canvas, as a rite of passage I suppose. A symbol of my acceptance.

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