What North Devon Hub Group wants for YP Mental Health in Schools...

Young Devon Hub Groups are made up of young people aged 11 - 19 who want to have their say about mental health within their communities. The Hub groups meet once a month and are an opportunity for young people to give their opinions on how mental health is viewed in schools by students and teachers, creating ways to help other young people and making improvements to mental health services. eh4mh hub group

The North Devon Hub Group is made up of 8 young people in years 8, 9 and 10 from different schools across North Devon. They were recently asked:

If you could improve 4 things in schools to help young people with their mental health, what would they be? 

Here are there answers: 

  • To be listened to (A common opinion brought up by young people is that adults do not take them seriously or really listen to their concerns or ideas)
  • To be treated as equals (Young people do not want to be looked down or patronised by their teachers, adults or counsellors)
  • Support at early stages (Young people do not want to have to wait until they are in crisis to get help. They want to be able to access support in schools from an early age, so they can deal with any problems with their mental health from an early stage)
  • More say in what we learn about and what skills we take away (Young People want to take part in lessons that teach them more meaningful life skills that prepare them for life outside of the school bubble. As well as core subjects young people want to learn life skills that will help deal with every day stresses, an example might be something as simple as, how to set up and manage a bank account with budgeting skills. 

These answers are powerful and clearly show how passionate North Devon's Hub Group is about helping other young people with their mental health! At Young Devon we encourage young people to speak up, so we can work with them to change the odds in their favour. 

It is important for us to work directly with young people, gaining their thoughts and opinions so our work with schools and other organisations can be driven with young people at the heart. This is extremely important for us to have lasting impact. 


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