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apprenticesWe were able to meet with our CEO Andy Moreman to have an in depth discussion regarding the business side of Young Devon as a whole.

This enabled us to gain more knowledge of the organisation and the way that it is ran. This will help us to complete our NVQ qualification as it covered several of the units that we need to cover to complete this.

We met with Andy on 22nd January where we held a question and answer based conversation where we discussed many aspects of our NVQ and how it can fit within Young Devon.

Here are a few examples of the questions that we asked Andy as well as the answers he gave;

Is SWOT analysis used within Young Devon?

SWOT analysis is used to determine the strengths and weaknesses that the organisation can utilise and improve on. It is also used to determine the opportunities and outside threats to the organisation.

Yes. This is used when we are building strategies to understand what is great and what is rubbish, and what we need to work towards. When looking at SWOT analysis we use them to work on what we are good at rather than focusing on what are weaknesses are. This helps us to make our strengths even stronger, rather than focusing on the negatives.

How does Young Devon’s organisational structure help effective communication?

Not sure it does. Within teams it’s great which was shown on the answers from our staff survey. However the structure of the organisation doesn’t really enable it to be effective out of our teams, it’s set out like small companies which makes it harder for teams to branch out.

Why do you think all staff days are important?

I think that they are important because it is rare for us to have time to communicate and these give us that time to communicate. It is one of the few chances to hear views straight from the trustees, which gives everyone a time to learn and a time to talk.

How can Young Devon gain a competitive advantage over other similar organisations?

If we wore roller skates with flashing lights to meetings, which would make us fast and more noticeable! But what really sets us apart is that our belief that what we do is build relationships with young people, showing them that we care and are here to help them. This is shown through our feedback forms where 97% of young people would recommend us to a friend and the 3% that wouldn’t, would only not recommend us because they felt that their friends wouldn’t need it.

How can we as staff make Young Devon more productive and successful?

Embrace change in a way that says ‘let’s be the authors of our own change’! Keep working on little things here and there and keep talking to people, and always communicate!

Why is change important within young Devon?

Things that don’t change in positive ways will always change in negative ways. Things that don’t change will decay and break away, but change helps things to grow as it will respond to the need of what needs to be changed. I believe that change is written in our DNA at Young Devon.

How would you describe yourself when you were 18?

Absolutely clueless! Had no idea what I wanted to do, and thought physics would be a good idea. I started volunteering at the local youth clubs and decided that I enjoyed my volunteering more than I did my paid job working for a smoke detector company.

Andy – How would you describe yourselves at 18 or when you will be 18?

Once we’d finished our questioning, Andy then asked us how we would describe ourselves at 18 or when we will be 18?

These were our answers:

Sam – Hopefully have it all figured out.

Emily – Party animal!

Cassie – Bored but also having a good time! (If that even makes sense).

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