Rhys is the word - my apprenticeship with Young Devon

balloon 1379552 1280My time as an apprentice at the Exeter YES has flown by, especially since Christmas. In that time I have learned a lot and have been given a mix of tasks and challenges, even including being part of the panel to meet with and interview the new CEO (here's hoping for a reference from Andy for my next role haha!).

I've called, scanned, photocopied, printed, laminated and stapled my way through the last year helping any staff in the Exeter YES with anything they might need and enjoyed the responsibility of making things run smoothly and being the person to turn to for a multitude of questions (usually IT issue related!).

I've learned an endless list of things working here at the YES as it was the first proper employment I've had and I will always be grateful for the chance they've given me to be able to show my abilities in a work environment and gain invaluable experience.

One aspect I would like to highlight to anyone considering becoming an apprentice but is unsure, especially with Young Devon, is the welcome nature of the staff. It's been extremely reassuring to see that the stereotypes of self focused co-workers and absent-minded managers is the exact opposite of the way Young Devon works.

I'm regularly impressed with how cohesive and co-operative the staff at the Exeter YES are, being more than happy to help each other and really listen to the stresses each other might be having.

In terms of my next steps after the apprenticeship I am hoping to progress into a more accountancy based role rather than administration as I have been studying accounting with Exeter college alongside my apprenticeship at work (which I have had complete support with), but that's a much less interesting thing to read about and will be reserved for people unfortunate enough to know me out of work.

Hope that gives a bit of an insight into the way my apprenticeship has turned out this last 10 months or so!

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