Stress Awareness Month: Laura's advice on how to combat stress!

This month is Stress Awareness Month! We will be releasing top tips from our staff for how to combat stress throughout April. So let's start with Laura Lee. Laura is Plan B Manager over in our Exeter YES centre and has released amazing advice on how to deal with the stresses of work and everyday life...pexels photo 129105 1
Laura's Top 10 for managing stress:
  • Having a book next to my bed to write down thoughts, lists, ideas generally clear my head before bed to get a good night sleep.
  • I have a happy playlist, a motivation play list, an I'm going to show the world I can do this play list, music is a real part of my life and can change my mood very quickly.
  • Be really boundaried with work time, play time, rest time.
  • Never try and work from a messy desk.
  • Plan, Plan and Plan – the unknown, and disorganization causes me more stress
  • Have plenty of de-stressing hobbies, cooking, walking, mixing a music track. pexels photo 51099
  • Use mindfulness techniques when experiencing anxiety. I have a collage of inspirational quotes. Especially around being able to let go of things when its been a rubbish day. One of my favorite quotes for getting over a bad day (not very professional but……) “stick it in the *uck it bucket and move on”. I also love “life is not about waiting for the storm to clear but about learning to dance in the rain”.
  • Have a really good WRAP Plan – knowing what triggers me, knowing what I can do to help myself, what others can do to help me and early warning signs.
  • Exercise – it releases feel good hormones.
  • Remember to talk to those around me.

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